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Write. Read. Share.

I started this blog because I had reached a point where I desperately needed an outlet for my thoughts. I needed an outlet for my thoughts because I had ignored my passion for writing for far too long after graduating from college, getting married, and giving birth to two beautiful babies. I was born to be a writer. Maybe I wasn’t born to be a famous or brilliant writer, but I do know that I have a desire and need to write that not everyone shares. Fortunately, I found WordPress. And much to my surprise, some folks have found this blog.

Thank you for stopping by. And thanks to all of you lovely bloggers (and even WordPress) for sprinkling some blog love over here.

2014 MNBlogCon Attendee

 {#MNBlogCon is where it’s at}


{freshly pressed for this post}


{nominated here by Marla’s Musings}


{nominated here by Sugarfree Sweetheart}


{featured here on HelloGiggles}

Broke Ass Red Wine

{freshly pressed for this post}


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