{Hi. I’m Aimee.}

You are not alone. You matter. You are enough.

This is the story I share with you, dear reader, through my experiences in motherhood, womanhood, community and my quest to discover and live out my purpose in this world. We all have a story to share. We all have a story we want to write. And our stories are worth telling. Let’s be superheroes; let’s say yes; let’s live our stories together.

Why I Left My Job is about leaving your fears behind. It’s about telling the negative voices in your head to shut the !@#$ up. It’s about picking yourself up and brushing the dirt off your shoulders.

I gave birth to this blog over a year ago after making the decision to leave my full-time job to stay home with my two young children. But that was just the beginning. Why I Left My Job is a blog about pursuing your dreams, embracing chaos, and creating more beauty in your world – one little step (or sip of wine) at a time.

Mother. Wife. Blogger. Dreamer.

My name is Aimee, I live in St. Paul, Minnesota, and I like to call myself a writer. I am a wife to one amazing man and a mother to two delightful children ages 5 and 3. My family is my world, but sometimes you will find me drinking a cold cerveza or glass of red wine while I revel in the gloriousness of naptime. I have big dreams, and I also have an addiction to Netflix. I believe that we can do great things together, but not before enjoying a warm cup of coffee in the morning.

Watch out world; here I come. I have my Wonder Woman shirt on today.

Muriel Rukeyser wrote, “Breathe-in experience, breathe-out poetry.” I believe that our lives are poetry. I believe in embracing our experiences as best as we can, listening to our hearts and souls, and breathing out goodness. There is much to learn from ourselves, each other and our little ones. There is much we can do together. But first, let’s have that cup of coffee.



38 thoughts on “{Hi. I’m Aimee.}

  1. Hi, Aimee! Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the follow. Wishing you luck on the road you’re planning to take and hope that your passions will lead you to your dreams! 🙂

  2. Dear Aimee, thanks for visiting Sugarfree Sweetheart! I too am twenty-something, quit my job (beginning of the year), and still in a bit of the exploratory mode! I don’t have children.. yet! I just wanted to reach out, say hello, and keep the lines open for communication :D! Good luck with blogging and goddess-ing!

    • Nice to meet you! And it is so great to hear from others who have been/are in similar situations. Looking forward to going through your recipes and finding some new things for my inner domestic goddess to try making 🙂

  3. Hey Aimee, congrats on the Freshly Pressed 🙂 That’s why I got here and I’m very much looking forward to whatever adventures you’ll share with us in the future. I’ve also recently gone on “sabbatical” because of several reasons, some of which you describe in your intro. I wish you everything you hope to find on your journey.
    PS. Gotta love rhubarb!!!! 😀

  4. Hi! I just read your post on Hello Giggles! Awesome!
    Good luck with everything!
    I also want to write a children’s book! 🙂

  5. Hi Aimee! I also discovered you via HelloGiggles! 🙂 Congratulations on making the decision to leave your job. Quite a liberating feeling! I’m actually working on a project in the St. Paul area and would love to run it by you. Curious if maybe you could point me in the right direction. May I send over some info via email? Hope you’re having a swell Monday!

  6. Hi Aimee! You are truly inspiring. Life is really too short and we need to do what makes us happy. I’m sure you’ll have some interesting adventures. Enjoy you time with your kids and happy pinning!:)

  7. Hi! I’m really enjoying your blog so I have nominated you for a Sunshine award! It is for bloggers who, essentially, bring a little bit of sunshine into your life through their posts :-).

    To see if you want to accept the award and learn a bit more about it, you can see my acceptance post here:


    Your posts are really inspiring and it’s great to see you manage through a big change in your life!

  8. Hi Aimee
    I came across your blog today and had to comment. What you said about leaving your job really hit home with me. I handed in my notice from my job this Week. I have a dream to be a writer and just don’t have the head space to do it while in my current job. It’s a tricky situation as little over twelve months ago it was my favourite job ever. I adored every minute. But things happened. I guess you could say I outgrew my role there. It’s really sad but I was literally stagnating in a stifling role that just wasn’t for me anymore. So here I am in the land of the unknown ,or huge opportunity, however you wish to look at it. It’s so scary but then it would be, or everyone would be doing it.
    Wish me luck!

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