Let’s Get Our Freaky Friday On!

Today’s Daily Prompt from The Daily Post could not be more perfect for me and what’s on my mind today. So hold on to your butts and join me for some Freaky Friday fun!

Today’s theme is change. I am all about change right now. I am changing the way I am living, and I am challenging (and maybe even inspiring) others to do the same. Some of the changes I have recently made were huge. Other changes are small. But the changes I am making will help me and my family achieve a healthier and happier life together. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have no clue yet about what I am meant to do during my time in this world, but I do know that I was meant to do more than what I was doing only three months ago.

We are all here on this planet to do something. We don’t know how long we have on this planet to accomplish the things we want to accomplish. Why not make the most of it in the best way we can each day?

So, who would I want to switch bodies with for one day to make bigger and better changes in this world? Leslie Knope.

Leslie Knope is a leader. Leslie Knope is completely clueless in most social situations, but she is always thinking about the big picture. She is a brave woman. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and she wears it well. Leslie Knope’s expectations may seem unrealistic to those who have the pleasure of working with her, but she finds a way into the hearts of her doubters. Plus she is hilarious. Here’s to you, Leslie!

Knope We Can



3 thoughts on “Let’s Get Our Freaky Friday On!

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