Only Once You Live, Says the Wise Yoda

I’m usually not a big fan of inspirational quotes. Sure, I like to pin quotes that resonate with me every once in a while on Pinterest. But I don’t have a shrine or anything like that in my room with posters spewing motivational phrases like “You go, girl!” or “Keep Calm and Carry On.” Nothing can keep me calm when my undies are in a bunch, so why even try to kid myself?

Today is a different story, though. I need a confidence boost. I need to be reminded that the path I am taking is good for me, even if it is not what I expected of myself 5 or 10 years ago.

While checking the latest pins on Pinterest this morning (and while staying up late and pinning some stuff I happened upon last night), I stumbled upon a few quotes from pinners I follow that I needed to see to feed my soul and provide some inspiration. Here is what is feeding my soul today:

{pinned image linked to this site}

{pinned image linked to this site}

OOYL - BustedTees - Image 1

{pinned image linked to this site}

What’s helping you get through your day? What’s helping you focus on your goals?


7 thoughts on “Only Once You Live, Says the Wise Yoda

  1. my goal is to make it through my day without curling into a protective ball, puddled into a corner, babbling incoherently, and nursing a strong margarita….honestly.
    Most days I’m able to hold it together… LOL
    I’m sure denial and avoidance have a lot to do with my success.

  2. I make it through the day feeling happy and blessed that I am able to do something I tremendously enjoy doing and that I’m going to reap the fruits of all the work I’ve put in some day. I’m cautiously optimistic.

    • Yes, I think focusing on the future benefits of what you are doing in the present is a great way to get through the day with a more positive outlook. I am not a very patient person, so perhaps focusing on this will help me better understand that some things simply need time. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I know this sounds weird, but I make lists that I keep on my iphone and look at them constantly to keep me on track. I have a list for projects, for house stuff, a work list, a blog list. Throughout the day when I get annoyed by work or something else, I look at my lists and try to focus on one of the items on it. It helps me maintain focus on something positive rather than dwelling on what is bothering me in the moment. Good luck!

  4. My goal for today is to sneak in a nap at some point – ha! I’ve just returned from far too much traveling, and I’m pooped. 🙂 Glad you found some inspiration to get you through the day! And thanks for visiting my blog.

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