Looking for a super sweet deal on a fun outing with the kids in Saint Paul?

I have been thinking about taking my kiddos to Como Town in St. Paul later today after picking up a friend at the airport, so I was looking online to see whether there were any deals for ride passes. Lo and behold, I found a super sweet deal on Steals from StarTribune.

What’s the deal?

$23.95 for 2 Como Town Unlimited Ride Wristbands and 2 Soaring Eagle Zip Rides (Reg. $47.90)!

Yes, I have been writing about sticking to a budget and making a commitment to not spend money on items and activities that are not necessary while my family is on a tight budget. However, I did review the old checking account and it looks like my husband and I did an awesome job of not spending money this month. So why not treat the kids to something special, right? Plus this means I also get to go on rides since my daughter needs a chaperone still.

The best part about this deal is that it doesn’t expire like other deals from Groupon or LivingSocial. And while you are at Como Town, why not walk over to the zoo (which is free) or the conservatory (which is also free)? This deal will not be available forever, though, so be sure to purchase your wristbands before time runs out!

Before the kids and I leave the house tomorrow, I plan on making lunches for all of us so that we can spend the entire afternoon going on rides, watching the animals and viewing exotic plants. I will also be packing swimsuits or extra clothes because there is a splash zone that is included in one of the attractions at Como Town. I can’t wait to be a kid with my kiddos later today!


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