Resumes and cover letters: Time for plastic surgery and pizza

Rejection sucks.

I was proud of myself earlier this week because I found a job that I was actually interested in applying for. I wrote a heartfelt cover letter, I reviewed my resume for the hundredth time, and I submitted my application with confidence. I wanted to say, “Watch this, mommy!” like my daughter who says this whenever she thinks she is doing something cool, new and daring. Good thing I didn’t because less than two hours later I had already received an email stating that I was not qualified for the position. Ouch.

I understand that more rejection is in the near future for me. Rejection is simply a nasty part of the process of looking for a new job. But can’t a girl at least get an interview? Do I look like a mess on paper? This was the sixth job I have applied for and I still have yet to land an interview. Okay, I had one phone interview last week but that was a bit shady. I’ll save that story for another day.

With no interviews scheduled in the near future, I clearly have time to perform plastic surgery on my resume and cover letters. With a little Botox and liposuction here and there I should have an interview scheduled in no time, right?

Before performing surgery, it’s best to know what you are doing, though. I haven’t been on the hunt for a new job since 2010. I should be researching tips for writing cover letters and resumes. I should also be reaching out to colleagues and family members to gain more feedback on my resume and how I approach writing cover letters.

I started doing some research late Monday evening after partially getting over the fact that I was rejected in less than two hours of applying for a job that I thought would be a great fit for me. While doing my research, I came across a lovely piece of content on HelloGiggles about how to write a resume. I didn’t realize it’s not appropriate to start performing plastic surgery without having some pizza within my reach. If you want to follow the approach I am going to try later today after I get some sleep and order a pizza, check out the step-by-step guide I found for writing a resume here.


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